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Recycling is not Rubbish

10th June 2019 September 20th, 2019 No Comments
Suez sorts through recyclable material

Following recent reports in the media about recycling we wanted to share with you some information and helpful tips for recycling at home.

Originally published by the City of Cockburn in Cockburn Soundings – June 2019 

The City is advising residents to continue recycling hard plastics, following a damning investigation which aired on 60 Minutes in April, making people believe that their plastic is being dumped by illegal recycling operations in Malaysia. In reality, less than 2% of Australia’s plastic is sent to Malaysia for processing.

The City’s recycling contractor SUEZ has confirmed it sends only quality controlled recyclable material to certified, licensed operators that process the material legally and ethically.

The City continues to educate its residents on best bin practice through bin tagging and other means to make sure that the maximum amount is recycled.

Recycling is not always easy – last year the City had to inform residents that items such as soft plastics, aerosol cans, meat trays and polystyrene should no longer be placed in the recycling bin, after China placed restrictions on the materials it would accept for recycling.

What you can do:

  • Purchase less plastic
  • Recycle clean hard plastic bottles and containers
  • Take soft plastics to REDcycle collection points at supermarkets – the plastics are made into Replas park equipment, bollards and other items in Australia. The City is one of WA’s biggest buyers of Replas products for its parks
  • Purchase items with recycled content to help generate a market for these materials, allowing us to recycle more.
Suez sorts through recyclable material