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Fixing Traffic Congestion in Cockburn

25th June 2019 July 17th, 2019 No Comments
Road improvements around the City of Cockburn

Our suburb Success and the City of Cockburn in general are under high demand. Having the Kwinana Freeway and Several major roads that pass by, as well as including popular facilities like Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre and Cockburn ARC. However, being in such a prime location means that fixing traffic congestion will be a constant challenge.

Originally published by the City of Cockburn in Cockburn Soundings – June 2019 

Stuck in traffic? Here’s the low down…

We understand that traffic congestion in Cockburn is frustrating, especially around Cockburn Central and the Kwinana Freeway at Berrigan Drive. The City is working with all levels of government to alleviate the congestion, with projects forecast for completion by 2021.

Cockburn Central

To improve traffic flow at Cockburn Central:

  • Spearwood Avenue has been duplicated (in part).
  • Duplicating Armadale Road
    Completion: late 2019
  • Building Armadale Road Bridge
    Completion: late 2021

The final stage of the duplication of Armadale Road from Tapper to Anstey Road should be completed by late 2019. The new Armadale Road Bridge will be built over Kwinana Freeway to connect North Lake Road to Armadale Road and will include new on and off ramps onto the freeway, new roundabouts and distributor roads.

Berrigan Drive

To reduce congestion getting on/off Kwinana Freeway at Berrigan Drive:

  • Widening Kwinana Freeway
    Completion: late 2019
  • Duplicating Jandakot Road (Berrigan Drive to Fraser Road)
    Completion: late 2020
  • Duplicating Karel Avenue (Farrington Road to Berrigan Drive)
    Completion: late 2020

Kwinana Freeway will be widened from Russell to Farrington Road. The duplication of Jandakot Road is taking place in several stages and is due for completion late 2020. A future stage to duplicate from Wharton Road is being planned.

Other projects that will reduce traffic congestion

  • New Thornlie to Cockburn rail link
    Completion: 2021
  • Smart Freeway – Kwinana Northbound
    Completion: 2020
  • Growing network of walking and bike paths/ roads

Perth’s first Smart Freeway will include an additional lane from Canning Highway to Narrows Bridge, and technology to open and close traffic lanes and adjust speed limits.

While much is being done to alleviate traffic congestion, it does take time and requires a coordinated approach by all levels of government. As space for further roads and vehicle related infrastructure will become limited, we strongly encourage our community to cycle or walk wherever possible. This is one of the only sustainable ways to alleviate traffic congestion.

The next time you get in your car, ask yourself if you can travel by bike or foot instead. For more information visit