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Cockburn all GO in waste revolution

11th April 2019 July 16th, 2019 No Comments
City of Cockburn adopts GO waste collection program

Originally published in Cockburn Soundings – April 2019

We are in the grip of a waste revolution, and the City of Cockburn is a GO (Garden Organics) council, but what does this mean?

It means we provide a GO bin with a lime green lid especially for garden clippings, to properties 400sqm and above as part of the state-wide roll out of the three bin system.

Local household garden waste is transformed into saleable, high-quality mulch to help fund more projects, services and infrastructure in the community.

Councils like Melville, which have chosen the Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) method, can accept food and garden waste in their waste bin, but this is not the method chosen by Cockburn.

Organic food waste and kitty litter should not be put in Cockburn’s lime green lid bin because it will contaminate the mulch product, making it unsaleable.

The GO method was chosen by Cockburn because it costs less to process garden waste into mulch at HWRP and supply to compost producers, than having an external waste facility process the garden waste.

There are also limited facilities currently available to process FOGO economically.

The State Government’s current waste levy, paid by local governments for each tonne of waste they landfill, is $70.

The City’s goal is to reduce waste being sent to landfill which benefits the environment and our ratepayers.

While food and organic waste can be put into your general waste bin, there are other ways to keep it out of landfill altogether.

The City encourages householders to compost organic waste and offers a number of different composting, worm farming and Bokashi bin subsidies to help recycle your food waste in the home and give your garden a treat!

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