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How You Rated the City of Cockburn

13th August 2018 September 19th, 2019 No Comments

Originally published in Cockburn Soundings – August 2018

The annual Community Scorecard survey provides an insight into how the community perceives services in the City of Cockburn. The City uses these results together with other information to evaluate and adjust its priorities and programs. An independent consultant conducted the survey using a random representative sample of residents across all of the suburbs of Cockburn.

What you say we do best

  • Waste services
  • Library services
  • Sport and recreation facilities.

What you say we do well

  • Playgrounds, parks and reserves
  • Festivals, events and cultural activities
  • Services for families and children
  • Customer service
  • Community buildings.

Where we are leaders

The City is benchmarked against other West Australian local governments who undertake the Community Scorecard Survey. The City of Cockburn is the leader in the following areas:

  • The City has a good understanding of community needs
  • Services and facilities for youth
  • Facilities, services and care for seniors
  • Cockburn ARC (Aquatic and Recreation Centre)
  • Natural disaster education, prevention and relief (bushfires, etc).

What you rated as most important

  1. Council’s leadership
  2. Traffic management
  3. Streetscapes
  4. Local area development
  5. Safety and security.

What we are doing in these important areas:

1. Council’s leadership

Council will continue to advocate to the State and Federal governments:

  • To ensure that funding for major local projects is secured
  • To ensure that the State Government engages with our community on projects they are undertaking within the City.

If you have something to raise with your Elected Members, please see the back page for a list of all their contact details.

2. Traffic management

The City is working on managing traffic congestion and supporting alternative means of transport, particularly around Cockburn Central and other activity centres. A more robust transport network will include the development of cycle paths, better promotion of alternative transport paths and lobbying for State and Federal funding for improved transport infrastructure. Significant projects underway or in the design stage are detailed on page 4 under the article on budgets. All road and footpath projects are on the website at 

3. Streetscapes

Our community has said it wants more trees planted in the City. There is also a lot of support for preserving our natural environment and carefully managing our natural assets.

Key projects in 2018-19

  • Spearwood – street tree planting on main thoroughfares, $0.15m
  • City wide – verge tree planting, $0.3m

4. Local Area Development

There are many projects due to commence in 2018-19 – examples include:

Aubin Grove
Princeton Park upgrades

Bibra Lake
Ramsay Park upgrades

Cockburn Central
Lakeridge Park upgrades

Poole Reserve upgrades

New nature playground, Len Packham Reserve

Hamilton Hill
Southwell Park renewal

Fairway Park upgrades

Hagan Park upgrades,

5. Security

The City will continue to work with State Government services responsible for law and order to provide a safe and secure environment for its community. These partnerships involve sharing intelligence and pooling resources. Much of this intelligence comes from the City’s security patrol service, CoSafe. The City will install new CCTV at the Cockburn Bowling and Recreation Facility, Visko Park, the new skate park at Bibra Lake and at Atwell Community Centre.

Nearby Bartram Mews is Spearwood Library

Spearwood Library

Cockburn annual events rated well

Cockburn annual events rated well

Cockburn ARC continues to be popular

Cockburn ARC continues to be popular

Traffic management was rated most important by the community

Traffic management was rated most important by the community

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