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DIY Carpentry

5 jobs you should never attempt to DIY

Tips and Advice

Once you have built your new home at Bartram Mews and settled into your new lifestyle you will want to start making improvements to your home, or simply come across maintenance issues that need to be fixed. While many jobs can be tackled by even the the most novice DIYer; there are some that are better left to the professionals. This article from highlights a few. Read More

Road improvements around the City of Cockburn

Fixing Traffic Congestion in Cockburn

Estate News
Our suburb Success and the City of Cockburn in general are under high demand. Having the Kwinana Freeway and Several major roads that pass by, as well as including popular facilities like Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre and Cockburn ARC. However, being in such a prime location means that fixing traffic congestion will be a constant challenge. Read More